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40 Below

Highly recommended for the lowest operating temperatures! You have to drain the radiator to install the hoses, so why not upgrade your coolant at the same time?! 40 Below prevents coolant temperature from rising excessivley while vehicle is towing, climbing, sitting in traffic or running with restricted airflow. Provides overheating protection. Maintains coolant operating range 180-210 degrees. Reduces extreme temperature up to 40 degrees.

Directions: Drain radiator completely (the water and antifreeze in the engine will not drain out). Fill radiator with 2 cans of 40 Below and 60/40 water/antifreeze mix (use distilled water if possible). Start engine. Make sure thermostat opens and system is full and free of air. Go for a 15 minute ride.

Note: The above procedure is designed to create a mixture of approximately 80% distilled water, 20% ethylene glycol anitfreeze and 2 cans of 40 Below which provides the best cooling results.








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